Strict Adherence to Modern Practices

At Faran S.A., ensuring the quality of services and products is a priority. For this reason, the company’s quality system is in full harmony with EU requirements and has as a strategic goal its continuous improvement.

We maintain a parallel certification, according to ISO 9001: 2015 as well as the certification for the “Good Distribution Practice of Medical Devices”, according to the Ministerial Decision 1348/8d.

Further, the company is GMP-certified by the competent Greek Authorities, for the safe import of pharmaceutical products from countries outside the European Union.

The distribution and storage services of the products are in full and strict harmonisation with all the requirements of GDP and are constantly inspected and evaluated in order to ensure maximum quality performance and to take measures when required.

In the event that any deviation occurs, Faran S.A.’s quality department undertakes an investigation of the cause and determines the required corrective and/or preventive actions – if any – in order to immediately resolve any customer complaints.

To report a quality issue please send us an email at: faranqa@faran.gr