We Vigilantly Adhere to Safety Requirements

The Pharmacovigilance service of FARAN operates based on scientific principles and also based on the activities of the global Pharmacovigilance system. The goal of Pharmacovigilance is to discover, evaluate, understand, and avoid adverse effects, or any other problems, related to any of our pharmaceutical products.

Irrespective of your status or capacity (healthcare professional, patient, etc.), by reporting adverse effects, you actively contribute to our effort to closely monitor the safety of our pharmaceutical products during their usage.

To report an incident experienced when using one of our products, please reach out to the Pharmacovigilance department of FARAN by sending us an email at (you may use the form below to email us) or using the contact details provided:

By Email:
By Phone:
+30 210 625 4175
+30 210 996 0971

By Fax:
+30 210 625 4190

By Post:
Attn: PV Department
Ahaias 5 & Troizinias,
Nea Kifisia, 145 64

All information and personal data are protected and kept confidential in accordance with the terms of applicable European and local legislation. All information gathered is used exclusively for the purpose of monitoring the safety of pharmaceutical products.

Alternatively, a case of adverse effects may be reported directly to the National Pharmaceutical Organisation. For more information in relation to the reporting of adverse effects directly to the competent authorities, please click below.


Do you want to report potential adverse effects of a pharmaceutical product for human use?