Interview of Faran President

At the Hellenic Society of Pharmaceutical Management

Posted in Press

The Greek pharmaceutical industry FARAN is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. With a model that combines branded generics of our own and important original products from international firms, we continue our upward course, as in recent years we have recorded a significant increase in turnover, 40% in 2020, 21% in 2021 and for 2022 we estimate that we will have an increase of more than 25%

For 2022 we continue to invest in new original products, expand our partnerships, strengthening our portfolio even more. So beyond the fields of Oncology, Hematology, Nephrology, Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Endocrinology, and Pathology, 2022 will find us with an extensive line of original products in Gynecology and IVF.

On a Growth / Investment Trajectory and in 2022

The most important news, until the next one for 2022, is that FARAN has signed agreements with IBSA and BESIN, a Swiss and a French company – giants in the field of gynecology and assisted reproduction. Thus, with a series of well-known existing and new products that will be launched soon, we will cover in a comprehensive way both the stage of stimulation (using gonadotropins) and the stage of support of the luteal phase (using progesterone) that women who face conception difficulties need. Our full new portfolio will bring FARAN into a leading role in the field of assisted reproduction. And of course in 2022 new collaborations are launched, which are expected to be announced in the near future.

Unique Cooperation for the Greek Standards

FARAN proceeded in 2021 to a unique collaboration with the biopharmaceutical company Quantum Genomics, for the development and distribution of a pioneering drug for the treatment of resistant hypertension and heart failure. 

This is a very important investment of the company in the research &development of innovative pharmaceutical products, products that perfectly expresses the business goals of the company, to offer high quality treatment options for the treatment of serious diseases.

The company’s investment concerns the Research & Development of an innovative product and the cooperation agreement provides for the exclusive licensing and distribution of the product in the Greek market by FARAN. This exclusive collaboration is the first of a series of FARAN collaborations that will follow in the field of cardiology, in which the company has already entered dynamically.

Expanding and Evolving for a Name With a History

Beyond our growth, let’s not forget that Faran’s name has “deep roots” in the past of the Greek pharmaceutical industry with a history that begins in 1950. With our performance, our strategic choices and ultimately the products we offer, we have gained the trust of both several distinguished international firms and the Medical Community in Greece. Collaborations, such as with the companies NOVARTIS, SANDOZ, IBSA, BESIN, STADA, MEIJI, PHARMANOVIA, mark the development of the company by constantly launching new products in the Greek market. The medical community appreciates that we offer renowned solutions of high quality, significant therapeutic value, and documented safety. We are constantly vigilant, we will remain faithful to our strategic planning and we will continue to invest in partnerships that will bring reliable innovative products for the benefit of the Greek patient. We keep the bar high and we want to be the benchmark in every therapeutic category we operate.