Infertility – Miscarriage and Hypothyroidism

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In the 5th pod episode, we open the file of infertility caused by Hypothyroidism by approaching the issue both sociologically and medically. The demographic in our country tends to become a scourge. According to Eurostat data, the EU fertility rate ranks Greece in the last places, while Greek women have children at a fairly old age.

Infertility is due – to a large extent – to the postponement of the formation of a family and the spread of various diseases. Hypothyroidism is one of the diseases that have a great impact on the fertility of both men and women – in general – as it causes disorders in the whole spectrum of fertility. It starts with problems in the frequency of menstruation and ovulation and continues unabated, creating complicated situations during the embryo implantation phase and miscarriages (or retrograde), especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Hypothyroidism does not leave IVF unaffected either, since functional Thyroid disorders negatively increase Estrogen levels and significantly reduce the success of IVF, affecting egg quality. In men, it causes erection disorders and a decrease in the normal morphology of sperm. The solution is simple since the arrangement with Thyroxine is at the heart of the problem.

But which thyroxine can give hormonal balance, quality, well-being, and healing without failures and restrictions?

Host: Mrs. Anna Drouza
Guest Expert: Endocrinologist Dr. B. Mentzelopoulou – Ph.D. (No1 DOL Endocrinologist in Greece)
Duration: 22min