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Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism

Pregnancy is a stress test for the thyroid, experts tell us. That is why the 1st Health Pod episode of the year is dedicated to pregnancy, as it causes significant changes to the levels of thyroid hormones (even in women without any thyroid problems), and also to the serious effects of Hypothyroidism during pregnancy. With […..]

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Infertility – Miscarriage and Hypothyroidism

In the 5th pod episode, we open the file of infertility caused by Hypothyroidism by approaching the issue both sociologically and medically. The demographic in our country tends to become a scourge. According to Eurostat data, the EU fertility rate ranks Greece in the last places, while Greek women have children at a fairly old […..]

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Congenital Hypothyroidism

The 4th episode of the hit podcast, “Health Pod, Let’s Be Aware”, on Congenital Hypothyroidism (neonatal) has been uploaded to the top 3 most popular platforms. Despite the Pandemic, we continue our travels. This time, we travel in the uncharted – for many – waters of Congenital Hypothyroidism, which is the most frequent cause of […..]

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Menopause and Hypothyroidism

The 3rd episode of the hit podcast, “Health Pod, Let’s Be Aware” on Menopause and Hypothyroidism has been uploaded to all platforms. In this episode, we dive into the bottom of the infinite female existence and come face to face with the monster of Menopause and Hypothyroidism. What happens when they coexist? How much does […..]

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