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Pregnancy and Hypothyroidism

Pregnancy is a stress test for the thyroid, experts tell us. That is why the 1st Health Pod episode of the year is dedicated to pregnancy, as it causes significant changes to the levels of thyroid hormones (even in women without any thyroid problems), and also to the serious effects of Hypothyroidism during pregnancy. With […..]

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FARAN Tops FortuneGreece List

According to the FortuneGreece‘s list of the 30 fastest-growing companies in Greece in 2022, “Looking at this year’s list, the pharmaceutical company FARAN SA is in first place in the general ranking with the third highest average rate of change in Earnings before Taxes – Interest and Depreciation – EBITDA (90.8%) and the fifth highest […..]

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Interview of Faran President

The Greek pharmaceutical industry FARAN is one of the fastest growing companies in the industry. With a model that combines branded generics of our own and important original products from international firms, we continue our upward course, as in recent years we have recorded a significant increase in turnover, 40% in 2020, 21% in 2021 […..]

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